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[Coming Soon] Greetings from Italy!

[Coming Soon] Greetings from Italy!

The new standard Italian Platoon Rank VIII, featuring a dynamic main battle tank for fast combat and a good choice of three "partners" for tactical fighting.

OF-40 Mk.2A

The OF-40 Mk.2A main battle tank was developed by the Italian company OTO Melara for export to the UAE, taking into account the Arab military's requirements for upgrading the earlier OF-40 family of tanks. This new vehicle received an updated fire control system with a two-plane gun stabilizer.

In our game, the main differences of the OF-40 Mk.2A will be the gun stabilizer, which allows the commander to fire on the move, and the new DM23 armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot shell. This shell has a much more devastating armor-piercing effect compared to the shell of the first version of this tank.

A dynamic and fast tank with an accurate cannon and effective shells will show itself perfectly in battles at short and medium ranges, where the first successful shot can decide the outcome of the clash!

Leopard 1A5

The Leopard 1A5 is the latest and most advanced version of the first series of Leopards. It concentrated on two main advantages of Western tanks of the Cold War era — great firepower, the stabilized L7 105 mm gun and excellent handling!

Hit, run, hit again!

M113A1 (TOW)

This licensed version of the M113 with its deadly TOW anti-tank guided missiles will be a real pain for the enemy team in the hands of a skilled player.

This master of long-range attacks can hide in the most unexpected places and wait patiently for its prey!


The SIDAM 25 features four 25mm autocannons with a combined fire rate of 2200 rounds per minute!

This is a real fire whip in your hands that will take out any aircraft in seconds, and if necessary will help your team with the destroying of enemy lightly armored recon units!


The OF-40 Mk.2A Platoon (Rank VIII) is available after you reach level 15* of the tank campaign. You can upgrade the campaign level for Golden Eagles instantly to gain access to this platoon faster than other players, or you can level up in battles.

Please remember that as soon as Campaign Level 16 becomes available, Level 15, 15* and 15** platoons will merge into a single Level 15. Vehicles purchased for Golden Eagles will remain as a premium even after the levels are merged. The final coefficients on the three vehicles will be the same as the level 15 vehicles.