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[Coming Soon] A missile cruiser for Admirals!

[Coming Soon] A missile cruiser for Admirals!

Introducing a new rank V missile cruiser equipped with powerful guided missiles!

USS Belknap (Rank V)

The Belknap, the lead ship in a series of American naval guided-missile cruisers, served in the U.S. Navy from 1964 to 1995. Throughout most of its service, it was the flagship of the U.S. Mediterranean 6th Fleet. In 1975, a collision with the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy, resulted in the destruction of the cruiser's superstructure.

In War Thunder Mobile, the addition of the Belknap missile cruiser marks the arrival of the second missile ship in the game! Commanders will wield the formidable Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles, transforming this modest vessel into a devastating force — few adversaries can withstand a barrage of these missiles!

Harpoon missiles do a lot of damage, but their accuracy depends on the distance to the target (from ~5 km) and trajectory. Take into account the position of your ship and the enemy ship when launching missiles.

For close-quarter combat, torpedoes prove to be quite useful. Additionally, when dealing with smaller targets, the Belknap can use its main battery — a turret with a 127 mm gun.

The ship can use countermeasures to defend itself against enemy missiles: watch the indicators for approaching missiles!

The Belknap cruiser is equipped with Standard series missiles to hit ships at close range, but these missiles carry less explosives than the Harpoon.


USS Belknap (Rank V) is available after you reach level 26* of the ship campaign. You can upgrade the campaign level for Golden Eagles instantly to gain access to this ship faster than other players, or you can level up in battles.

Please remember that as soon as Campaign Level 27 becomes available, Level 26, 26* and 26** platoons will merge into a single Level 26. Vehicles purchased for Golden Eagles will remain as a premium even after the levels are merged. The final coefficients on the three vehicles will be the same as the level 26 vehicles.