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[Coming Soon] Battleship Yamashiro: Legend of the Samurai

[Coming Soon] Battleship Yamashiro: Legend of the Samurai

The Japanese pre-war dreadnought Yamashiro represents a new generation of the Empire's battleships, designed to achieve absolute supremacy in the Pacific.

IJN Yamashiro (Rank IV)

The Yamashiro dreadnought was the second ship of the "Fuso" project, entering service with the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1917. Like its sister ship, Yamashiro didn't participate in the First World War but underwent extensive modernization in the 1930s for future operations in the Pacific. However, by the beginning of World War II, the dreadnought was already considered obsolete and served in a supporting role.

In 1944, IJN Yamashiro joined the massive battle of Leyte Gulf to assist the Japanese forces. However, it came under heavy fire from a group of U.S. and Australian battleships and heavy cruisers. Despite being heavily damaged and ablaze, Yamashiro continued to advance toward the Allied ships, returning fire with its remaining guns. Ultimately, torpedoes from American destroyers sank the ship. This final battle exemplified military valor and fidelity to duty.

The new ship will debut in the game in an earlier modification than its larger counterpart, IJN Fuso. Despite this, it performs exceptionally well in battles against nearly any opponent. Meet the IJN Yamashiro, one of Japan's first dreadnoughts and one of the finest warships of its time!

Like all dreadnoughts, the IJN Yamashiro relies on two main features in battle: a devastating broadside and strong armor. The battleship's primary armament consists of 12 356mm guns housed in 6 heavily armored turrets. Additionally, there are 16 secondary turrets with 152mm guns along the ship's sides. A full broadside from the Yamashiro inflicts monstrous damage, even at long ranges, making it a formidable fortress that poses a serious challenge for any enemy crew to overcome.

Torpedoes, a rarity for dreadnoughts, add an interesting dimension to the IJN Yamashiro's combat capabilities, enhancing its effectiveness at short range. However, its anti-aircraft artillery is lacking, with only six 40mm guns providing minimal defense against aerial attacks. While not highly effective, it's better than having no defense at all.

The brilliant IJN Yamashiro is set to feature in the next major update of War Thunder Mobile. Don't miss the arrival of this honorable sea warrior!

The battleship IJN Yamashiro (Rank IV) will be available from the Big Trophy of the Ship Campaign or from an offer after the start of the Season.