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Improvements and bug fixes.


  • Several bugs that caused the game client to crash have been fixed.

Vietnam map changes

  • As part of a major update from February 1st, 2024, some changes have been made to the landscape of the "Vietnam" map and a number of issues have been fixed:
  • The northern strategic point has been modified in favor of the eastern team to equalize the difficulty of capturing this point by both teams;
  • Several through-shots to and from spawn points throughout the map have been removed;
  • The possibility of driving up the mountain in the eastern part of the map near the spawn point has been closed;
  • The travel route in the north of the map for the eastern team has been widened — now there is no need to drive outside the map border;
  • Through-shots from the eastern to the southern spawn point have been closed;
  • A number of visual inaccuracies (floating trees and rocks) have been fixed, some small objects have been removed;
  • A bug with incorrect display of the message "Return to the battlefield!" in the southern and western parts of the map has been fixed.

Please note that the list of such changes may be incomplete: fixes are performed regularly, including on reports from players about problems with shoot-throughs, texture bugs, floating objects, etc.

You can report a bug to the developers via a special website or the Support Team.