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[Seasonal Offer] The American Dream

[Seasonal Offer] The American Dream

A reliable platoon from rank VII and a superbly armed heavy cruiser of rank II already in War Thunder Mobile!

Commanders! From July 4th to July 11th, 07:00 (GMT), tank mode fans will be able to get a bargain seasonal set with an excellent American M728 CEV platoon, and fans of naval battles will be enjoy the incredible cruiser, USS Baltimore, with a great discount!

Seasonal Offers

  • In the Tank Campaign: M728 CEV Platoon + 2 Keys for the Big Trophy from the "Iron Shadows" season + Back-ups x5, Repair Kits x50, Fire Extinguishers x25.
  • In the ship campaign: heavy cruiser USS Baltimore + 2 Keys for the Big Trophy from the "Iron Shadows" season + Smoke Generators x125 + Naval Supply x125.

Platoon M728 CEV (Rank VII)

A rare guest in our game is an engineer tank M728 CEV! This special demolition vehicle was created on the basis of the M60 tank and was first used in Vietnam.

The short-barreled 165mm caliber howitzer slowly fires huge HESH shells and with a successful hit can send the enemy to the hangar with the first shot!

The structural steel bulldozer bucket will give additional protection against HEAT shells hitting the front of the hull.

The dozer blade is decorative and adds some armor to the front of the tank. There’s no terraforming mechanics in WTM.

The M728 CEV platoon mates were very interesting vehicles that are definitely going to appeal to the experienced commander.


In the game, the T95E1 is a bright representative of late medium tanks. The vehicle is quite dynamic and quite well protected. Its excellent APFSDS penetrates almost any opponent on the rank in the forehead! The tank will be excellent in support on urban maps, and also allows you to shoot off opponents in open spaces quite safely for itself.


The M901 ATGM carrier is built on the super-popular M113 armored personnel carrier chassis and is armed with a folding launcher with two I-TOW ATGM containers. With its compact size, the M901 can easily find cover to safely launch its missiles!

M163 Vulcan

The distinctive feature of the M163 Vulcan is the 20mm automatic cannon with rotating barrel assembly on the movable chassis of the M113 armored personnel carrier. With its unusually high rate of fire, the anti-aircraft gun makes fancy fire laces in the sky with its shells!

USS Baltimore (Rank II)

USS Baltimore is one of the most famous American ships of World War II. The cruiser is heavy armored in the hull and superstructure, it has 9 203-mm guns, and the automatic turrets has a fantastic fire density.

Four aircraft – yes, yes, this is the first ship in the game to have four airplanes on board! This allows you not only to scan the situation before the battle, but also to cause significant damage to the enemy.

A strong player without significant disadvantages, able to solve the full spectrum of "cruising" tasks, and even cover allies with powerful short-range air defense!

The unique American historical camouflage is designed just for this ship and emphasizes its battle power.

Don’t miss the fantastic chance to buy great premium vehicles at a discount and get a bonus – the keys for the Big Trophy from the "Iron Shadows" season!