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Historical trophies: the return of your favorite vehicles!

Historical trophies: the return of your favorite vehicles!

This is a unique opportunity to get desired vehicles from Seasons 1, 2 and 3!

Commanders! Don't miss this chance to get legendary vehicles from the first Seasons – from March 28, 10:00 (GMT), to April 4, 10:00 (GMT), open Historical Trophies and collect a full collection of vehicles, camouflages, trophies and decorators!

Historical trophies are waiting for you in the in-game store in the "Featured" section. Trophies for different currencies are identical in filling and reward chances.

Yes, this means you could get vehicles from just 1 trophy bought with Silver Lions. Yes, with the same chance as for other currencies!

More about Historical Trophies:

  • From Trophies, you can get vehicles, camouflages, titles, decorators and avatars from the first three Seasons, as well as booster sets.
  • If you already have unique rewards available from the Trophies, they are automatically excluded from the rewards.
  • Camouflages for vehicles can only be obtained if you have the relevant vehicle.
  • Titles, Decorators and Avatars are the same for the chests of both campaigns, that means if you already got a Decorator in the Ships Trophy, it will be excluded from the Tanks Trophy.
  • You can purchase 1 Trophy from each campaign for Silver Lions and unlimited trophies for Golden Eagles or Platinum Wolves.
  • If you have already received all unique rewards from the Trophies, you will only be able to receive booster packs.
  • Each unique award received increases the chance of the remaining unique awards dropping.

Hurry up to replenish your hangars with unique vehicles in luxurious camouflages – the "Historical Trophies" campaign will last only 7 days, and even the stars can't predict when it will be repeated!