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[Big trophy] Update!

[Big trophy] Update!

The contents of the "Burning Dawn" season's Big Trophies have been updated!

Commanders, starting March 21st, 2024, 10:00 (GMT), you can unlock the Big Trophies of the current season!

The main rewards of the Big Trophies:

  • In the tank campaign – a magnificent premium BTR-80A platoon (Rank VI);
  • In the ship campaign – a legendary premium battleship Marat (Rank III).

Important changes

  • Now camouflages for season vehicles can only drop if you already have the relevant vehicles.
  • Silver Lions sets from 120,000 to 480,000 have been returned to the Big Trophy of the season.

You will no longer receive camouflages on vehicles you haven't gotten yet.


  • The Big trophy vehicles camouflages can now be purchased for 500 Golden Eagles in the camouflage selection menu.


  • Trophies can be opened by players who have reached level 3 of the relevant campaign;
  • Trophy rewards are different in each campaign and jackpot progress accumulates separately — pay close attention to the campaign container you open;
  • If you got a vehicle before the jackpot, you will receive gold as a guaranteed reward;
  • All unspent keys and War Bonds will automatically be used to unlock random campaign trophies on April 11th, 2024 after 10:00 (GMT).